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The Grand Slam College Admissions Webinar

Sponsored by Diamond Nation and Valley Prep Tutoring

The Grand Slam Event


Want to know some secrets?


Your webinar host, 25-year admissions strategist Pamela M. Donnelly

And while we’re at it, why overpay for tuition?

There's no need for you to hustle, spend hours on the internet, or set up complicated meetings with overworked school counselors who have such limited time—an average of only 38 minutes per student per year, by the way—can you believe it? 100% true.

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Let’s get digital.

The time to investigate strategies for success is NOW if your student is in 9th through 11th grade. Only rookies think freshman year is too soon. WRONG. The sooner you start the more we can help you save. (For seniors, this is a 9-1-1 emergency. Yikes!)

You’ll see how my methods get rid of time-wasting, and ONLY direct your student's attention to what will (a) land them admissions offers and (b) position them to get free money so they save on over-priced tuition. 

I'll reveal just how to do this in The Grand Slam College Recruitment Webinar.  Register now. It is absolutely worth your time.

A Message from Pamela

Colleges want to give your student free money for college. Yes, you read that right. BUT, you have to know how to play the game. Start here and slam into the level of info we’ll be tipping.

The webinar offers a masterclass, showing you the *fastest* way to ensure your student’s unique strengths land them in their first-choice college...let’s STOP them having to stress out over the confusing process of getting in, and stop you from feeling all alone trying to help them.

Student loan

Don’t let this happen to your student

What we are talking about here is DEEPER than that. It's connecting your son or daughter with their IDEAL major, schools list, essays, and exam scores. It’s about making it extremely SIMPLE, but *MOST importantly* tapping into a proven process to empower your teen that’s worked time and time again for thousands across the US.

When you equip them to put in the effort, admissions and recruitment officers want to shout for joy from the rooftops. But they have to know the MOVES to make, and when.

That’s where this webinar and our team members come in.

Valley Prep Team

Meet the professional educators who co-created the content featured in this webinar with a total of 40 experts (Left to right: Will, Andrew, Jeffrey, Kenan, Pamela, Sarah, and Nick.)


The time is now.

I don't know how to put this... 


This level of support is kind of a big deal... 

PD with stuent(1)

Justin got into over a dozen schools.

Wrap your eyeballs around these numbers…

  • This process is guaranteed to
    • help your student identify the right-fit 8-12 schools
    • showcase over 500 non-impacted majors, providing a menu of options for students who are undecided, and guiding them to strategic programs in order to increase the likelihood of admission
    • give full-length practice SATs, ACTs, drill sets, and video strategies from the best test prep tutors in Los Angeles
    • provide best-in-class sample essays that helped our recent graduates attain $100,000 or more in merit-based financial aid

Families who trust us see their students gain acceptance into an average of 9 schools for every 11 applications they submit.

The average merit-based financial aid awarded is $35,000-$40,000. IMAGINE the feeling of that. It’s a real game changer.

But here's the thing...

Student 2(2)

Mia got into her first choice college with over $150,000 in aid.

There. It's been said. (Wow, that felt good.)

College admissions mentorship is serious business. It's not a play-thing, and few parents understand the everchanging lay of the land, or want the pressure of figuring everything out with so much on the line.

Kylie attended UCLA and is now in medical school.

These metrics are meaningless until the parents are ready to do what it takes to competitively position their students with the right information and, yes, mentorship.

And we all know webinars can be a waste of time when they’re not professionally produced.

The good news is that if your student is bright and wants to attend a great college, we have a time-saving, easy way to help them. If they don’t want to do what it takes to get there, maybe college isn’t the right plan for them in the first place.

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This webinar is exclusively for families seeking higher education advantages for their students. Parents of straight-to-career teens who do not intend to apply to college need not attend.

That's why on November 18th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern/3:00 p.m. Pacific, you want to be there when Diamond Nation and Valley Prep Tutoring proudly present The Grand Slam College Recruitment Webinar.

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Here's what we're going to cover...

1. Financial aid secrets colleges don’t want you to know 

2. Top tactics for dealing with the SAT and ACT despite these so-called test optional times.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the College Admissions Simplified YouTube channel while you're there watching this helpful video.

  1. Insider tips on framing the right narrative—and common cliches to avoid—on those all-important essays

Because you'll be subscribed to College Admissions Simplified on YouTube, you'll be guaranteed to receive up-to-the-moment updates in the ever-changing world of college admissions.

Let me show you how.

In the real world, the value of a ticket for this level of training is $997. Thanks to our generous sponsors at Diamond Nation, we are making this free IF you are among the first 300 folks to register.


Check out what well-known actor Blair Underwood said about having trusted our team with both of his teens.

This is not a high-level talk-fest. This is not a passive experience. This is a tactical and practical presentation with a Q & A and opportunities at the end you do NOT want to miss.


Do not count on a recording to be available afterward (unless you want to buy it). And the slides will only be available to those who register and attend.

Stop stressing and start STRATEGIZING. Ditch the fear. Learn to avoid the silly mistakes. And start to secure your student’s future once and for all.

Student 6(1)

Valerie made it into her first pick school, University of San Francisco,
with over $50,000 in free tuition. Mom and dad clearly approve. 

P.S. This sort of training is almost NEVER available for free. Don't miss the window of opportunity.